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  • Human Perturbation of the Global Phosphorus Cycle: Changes and Consequences

    Zengwei Yuan*, Songyan Jiang, Hu Sheng, Xin Liu, Hui Hua, Xuewei Liu, You Zhang
  • Evaluating environmental impacts of pig slurry treatment technologies with a life-cycle perspective

    Zengwei Yuan*, Xiao Pan, Tianming Chen, Xuewei Liu, You Zhang, Songyan Jiang, Hu Sheng, Ling Zhang
  • Enhanced nitrogen and phosphorus flows in a mixed land use basin: Drivers and consequences

    Songyan Jiang, Hui Hua, Helen P. Jarvie, Xuewei Liu, You Zhang, Hu Sheng, Xin Liu, Ling Zhang, Zengwei Yuan*
  • An approach to identify the spatiotemporal patterns of nitrogen flows in food production and consumption system within watersheds

    Aiping Pang, Songyan Jiang, Zengwei Yuan*


  • Greening cement in China: A cost-effective roadmap

    Xuewei Liu, Zengwei Yuan*, Yuan Xu, Songyan Jiang
  • Characterizing copper flows in international trade of China, 1975-2015

    Ling Zhang, Tianming Chen, Jiameng Yang, Zhijian Cai, Hu Sheng, Zengwei Yuan*, Huijun Wu
  • 基于“压力-状态-响应”模型的江苏省环境绩效评估研究






  • Quantifying phosphorus flow pathways through socioeconomic systems at county level in China

    Jun Bi, Qinqin Chen, Ling Zhang, Zengwei Yuan*
  • Public demand for remediating a local ecosystem: comparing WTP and WTA at Hongze Lake, China

    Lei Huang, Jie Ban, Bailing Duan, Jun Bi, Zengwei Yuan*
  • A bottom-up model for quantifying anthropogenic phosphorus cycles in watersheds

    Le Tong, Xin Liu, Xuewei Liu, Zengwei Yuan*, Qiong Zhang
  • Life cycle assessment of continuous pad dyeing technology for cotton fabrics

    Zengwei Yuan, Yanan Zhu, Junkui Shi, Xin Liu, Lei Huang*
  • A bottom-up model for quantifying anthropogenic phosphorus cycles in watersheds

    Jun Bi, Qinqin Chen, Ling Zhang, Zengwei Yuan*
  • The influence of public perception on risk acceptance of the chemical industry and the assistance for risk communication

    Lei Huang, Jie Ban, Kai Sun, Yuting Han, Zengwei Yuan*
  • Ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in surface sediments of six major Chinese freshwater lakes

    Zongwei Ma, Kai Chen, Zengwei Yuan, Jun Bi*, and Lei Huang*
  • A review of soil heavy metal pollution from mines in China: Pollution and health risk assessment

    Zhiyuan Li, Zongwei Ma, Tsering Jan van der Kuijp, Zengwei Yuan, Lei Huang



  • 城市食物生产与消费系统磷代谢研究

    黎斯思, 袁增伟*, 毕军, 武慧君, 刘恒
  • Understanding the anthropogenic phosphorus pathway with substance flow analysis at city level

    Zengwei Yuan, Junkui Shi, Huijun Wu, Ling Zhang, Jun Bi*
  • Predicting future quantities of obsolete household appliances in Nanjing by a stock-based model

    Ling Zhang, Zengwei Yuan*, Jun Bi
  • Phosphorus flow analysis of the socioeconomic ecosystem of Shucheng County, China

    Zengwei Yuan, Li Sun, Jun Bi*, Huijun Wu, Ling Zhang
  • Does the GreenWatch program work? Evidence from a developed area in China

    Beibei Liu, Qinqin Yu, Bing Zhang, Jun Bi, Junjie Ge, Zengwei Yuan, Yang Yu
  • Anthropogenic phosphorus flow analysis of Lujiang County, Anhui Province, Central China

    Zengwei Yuan, Xin Liu, Huijun Wu, Ling Zhang, Jun Bi*




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